Investment in Talavera


A city full

of opportunities

Investing in Talavera de la Reina is different, because Talavera is different. A city that’s continually growing, ready to welcome your business.


Excellent location

Capital city of the West

Located on the Atlantic axis between Madrid and Lisbon

Located in the province of Toledo, it has an important role upon the surrounding area, which comprises around 185,000 inhabitants, bringing together important urban services.

Talavera de la Reina is the connecting point between Madrid and Lisbon, halfway between the two cities. Geo-strategically located between A 5 and A 6 highway, between Madrid, Castilla y Leon, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura, its location is an alternative to other economic centers, with more competitive prices, excellent services and lots of land for development.

Total population
in the surrounding area

30 min distance: 199,870 inhabitants
60 min distance: 711,310 inhabitants
90 min distance: 6,302,530 inhabitants

Industrial fabric

Talavera currently offers companies from different sectors an opportunity for industrial relocation at a European level.
New sectors that multiply and complement the basic economic sectors in Talavera are key to its urban economy transformation. Talavera's logistics, the advanced services, and its technology improve and modernize the traditional consolidated fabric, adding value and competitiveness.

Consolidated Industrial Fabric

Transformative Industrial Fabric


Agri-food sector

Talavera was and will be the Livestock Market capital city. It accounts for 80% of the milk bovine herd in Castilla-La Mancha, and houses large and important companies from this sector.

For an agri-food company, being in Talavera has key competitive advantages:

Inter-professional Dairy Laboratory in Castilla-La Mancha (LILCAM)

Talavera equals milk quality control. LILCAM has brought together farmers and entrepreneurs to carry out milk quality control for more than 20 years. This lab analyzes milk’s composition and its hygiene-health quality, while carrying out milk control to select animals genetically, thus guaranteeing the herds’ excellence.
This inter-professional space analyzes samples from more than 5,000 stockbreeders, for more than 300 top-level industries. DANONE, GARCIA BAQUERO or LACTALIS support this laboratory, as members of its Board.
LILCAM has positioned Talavera’s dairy sector at the same level as other well-known ones in Germany, Holland and France. Its staff is mainly nourished by students from agri- food industries Vocational Education Programs in San Isidro high school, in Talavera.

Services Sector

The fact that Talavera is the most important city in the area has enabled the existence of highly diversified services. About 70% of the companies belong to this sector (40% non-commercial services and 29% commercial services).

Percentage of the Services sector

The strong traditional commercial fabric has learned how to coexist with large multinationals arriving in Talavera; such as Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, or Decathlon.

Much of the commercial activity can be found in the city center. Large companies, such as El Corte Ingles, and internationally renowned fashion firms, along with traditional shops have adapted to new times, making the city’s commercial landscape livelier, more diverse and attractive.

Parks and shopping areas are arranged in various areas of the city, creating a commercial map that covers the whole urban topography.

Textile Sector

Talavera is a source of knowledge regarding the textile sector, built up thanks to clothing companies, suppliers, a textile technology center, as well as qualified human capital.

Following the global relocation of the textile sector towards more competitive markets, and as a result of the new economic paradigm, a new relocation phase opens up in Talavera.

The platform “Talavera Textil” was born as a result of the recent health crisis and the will to put Talavera again on the European textile industry map.

The quality and the label “Producto de Talavera” will be the signature of those companies that adhere to this new textile ecosystem: from logistics companies, to the manufacture of clothing elements, garment treatment and even recycling materials.

Talavera’s Institute for Economic Promotion has already launched platform. It aims to attract, facilitate and help every company in the sector interested in becoming part of this added value ecosystem.

Technology Sector

Talavera gets into the technological scene strongly, with the creation of the Regional Center for Digital Innovation, a space for research in cybersecurity and cloud technology.

The Regional Center for Digital Innovation embodies the city’s commitment to the growing technology sector, with the presence of powerful multinational companies such as Red Hat, Palo Alto Networks, IBM International Business Machines and ORACLE, which will take the city’s business fabric to the next level, increasing its competitiveness in international markets, adapting to the new reality. Another one of the Center’s cross-cutting goals is to help the government of Castilla La Mancha fulfill the objectives set in their Digital Agenda. 

The field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is getting better. This is proven by the talent and technological knowledge from the UCLM Computer Engineering Degree and several other Vocational Education programs. Relying on the education and development in the technology sector is a firm bet towards employment and growth in an innovative city. This standpoint has been key when the time came for the Junta de Castilla la Mancha to consider Talavera as the ideal city to set up the Regional Center for Digital Innovation, according to the 2030 Agenda. For them, development, smart growth and sustainability are key elements in creating an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

Setting up in Talavera means seizing the opportunity.

Technology companies find themselves in the perfect ecosystem for innovation and technology transfer, while having a chance to collaborate in large scale projects.

This scenario also spurs on a consolidated business fabric, regarding software development, digital services, data analysis, or applied artificial intelligence. 


The new User Support Center in Educational Centers (CAU-Edu) will count with professional workers to coordinate the delivery and commissioning of the 57,000 electronic devices acquired for the digitization of educational centers in the region; as well as the subsequent resolution of queries, requests, and incidences throughout the school year.

Spanish headquarters of the Gaia-X European project

Talavera is the national epicenter of a Big Data ecosystem
seeking European independence in the cloud

The Talavera Regional Center for Digital Innovation hosts the national headquarters of this important European project that places us at the level of the main technological capitals of Europe, since the headquarters of France is in Paris; that of Germany in Berlin and the headquarters of Spain is located in Talavera de la Reina.

Gaia-X implies for Talavera growth, retention and attraction of talent and quality employment. It favors the creation of new synergies with technology-based companies that are attracted by the presence of this headquarters and are seeking to develop their professional experience within the framework of a transcendent project that uses Artificial Intelligence to transform the economy and seeks European independence in the cloud to become an alternative to the cloud services of the American and Asian giants.

Logistics Sector

Talavera’s geostrategic location, in main communication roads, with competitive storage prices, land acquisition opportunities, and the existence of traditional industries have boosted a modern logistics sector with great growth potential.

Transport and logistics companies already located in Talavera defend this option because of the proximity, and all the money their businesses have saved.

Logistics hub between Madrid and Lisbon, competitive prices and industrial sectors demanding automated supply chains, such as agri-food and textiles, are key attraction factors.

Industrial Space

An opportunity for relocation

Talavera de la Reina wants to become a relocation option for businesses at a European level.
For this purpose, there is a significant amount of land available, with different uses matching each business need:

Torrehierro Industrial Site

With 1.8 million m2, it is located just 115 km away from Madrid. There is land available for Industries, Services and Businesses, and its urban design adapts to different business needs. Well-connected via A-5 / E-90 highway, with a specific exit for it. It is 5 minutes away from Talavera de la Reina’s train station, on the Madrid-Lisbon railway line.

The public land business entity (SEPES) is carrying out a 1,8 million m2 expansion of the Industrial site, thus doubling its current surface area.

TT Space "Transport and Technology"

Creation of more than 2.6 million m2 of industrial land. This future development will provide new space where large companies related to transport, logistics and technological services can set up.

The public land business entity (SEPES) is carrying out a 1,8 million m2 expansion of the Industrial site, thus doubling its current surface area.
The creation of the new “TT Space Transport and Technology” strengthens Talavera de la Reina’s commitment to be a logistics center on the Atlantic axis, but also as a budding technological knowledge hub.

Talavera has started to develop industrial land in two locations in the municipality with capacity to host future companies: PAU Injertillos (industrial land) offers 135,000m2 and PAU Rio Tajo (Services land use) offers 231,800m2.

Talavera Ferial

World-class facilities and infrastructure

Talavera Ferial has a privileged location. It offers first-rate infrastructures, both for its facilities, and its good connections, since it can be easily reached from any place in the Iberian Peninsula.

Its economic offer is significantly more competitive than that of other trade fair facilities from the outskirts of Madrid.

Talavera Ferial hosts sector-specific fairs, many of which are linked to Talavera’s traditional economy, but also others at an international level, making it easy for people from all over the world to attend. 

The space is divided into three pavilions. There are areas for events with capacity for 200 people, meeting rooms, as well as cafeterias and restaurants easily accessed, and a parking area that turn Talavera Ferial into the ideal spot for fairs or events.

With more than 47,000 m2, Talavera Ferial can hold up to 40,000 visitors and 150 exhibitors.

Institutional support: committed to a sustainable urban economy

Talavera de la Reina supports companies through institutions and organizations, both from the public and private sectors, favoring an ideal urban environment for employment and competitiveness.

Do you know Plan ADELANTE?

Plan Adelante 2020-2023 is a business support services strategy in Castilla-La Mancha

Incentive and grants for companies

that want to set up in Talavera

Subsidy from the Economy, Business and Employment Office of Castilla-La Mancha

Talavera de la Reina receives funds through Plan Adelante reaching amounts up to 40% to set up a business. Up to 20% can be added to this amount since Talavera is ITI zone.

Bonuses from the City Council administration


Specific FOCAL subsidy for the agri-food industry

Quality Development Program funded by FEADER . Subsidies available between 15% and 30% for civil engineering work, installations, and machinery.

C/ Templarios nº 41 | Edificio “Santiago el Viejo” (Santiaguito)
45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo)  | Teléfono: 925 82 06 66
2022 | Institute for Economic Promotion

La Agenda 2030 es una iniciativa de Naciones Unidas en la cual 193 países incluido España, apuestan por un futuro sostenible en el que nadie se quede atrás.

Se trata de un compromiso que plantea con 17 objetivos claves de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), una apuesta tangible y hoja de ruta que para el mundo entero pueda conseguir en el año 2030 la igualdad entre las personas, proteger el planeta y asegurar la prosperidad; en líneas generales, un nuevo contrato social global que no deje a nadie atrás.

Se trata de un esfuerzo sin precedentes en el que todos y todas podemos aportar, desde gobiernos y sectores privados, hasta personas naturales y sociedad civil. A cumplir con los objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible se suma el Gobierno de España desde su génesis, planteando así, un mapa de acción al cual ha respondido Talavera de la reina desde diversos proyectos que adelanta su administración.

Los objetivos de la Agenda 2030 engloban 169 metas recogidas en estos 17 objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, expuestas también el el proyecto Alianza por el Desarrollo Sostenible presentado por el Ayuntamiento de Talavera.

Enlace a Noticia

Declarada como Asociación de Utilidad Pública mediante acuerdo de Consejo de Ministros el 26 de junio de 1985, la FEMP,

Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias, promueve el fomento y la defensa de la autonomía de las Entidades Locales ante otras administraciones públicas. El desarrollo del principio de Solidaridad junto con la gestión de programas de Gobierno destinados al ámbito local, son esfuerzos que se traducen en la prestación de toda clase de servicios a las Entidades Locales.

La Alcaldesa de Talavera de la Reina, Tita García Élez, ha asumido el reto de ejercer como Presidenta de FEMP CLM desde el pasado Septiembre de 2019, cargo que asume como un logro de toda Talavera y que suma una fuerte cuota para que el municipalismo tenga las soluciones que necesita para enfrentar sus desafíos y retos.

Visita la noticia completa aqui

Empresas, administraciones públicas, ONGs y personas naturales emprenden a través de esta iniciativa acciones frente al cambio climático a las que se suma la ciudad de Talavera de la Reina con un objetivo claro:

No superar los 1,5 grados centígrados de temperatura respecto a los niveles preindustriales y la neutralidad en carbono para 2050. Una lucha frente a una crisis que cada día se hace más patente y cristaliza el firme compromiso de una Talavera sostenible. Este grupo de acciones #porelclima abarcan desde la información y difusión de contenido relativo a la actualidad climática y ambiental, hasta acciones e ideas que se puedan llevar a cabo sobre agua, energía, consumo e inversiones, movilidad, huella de carbono, prevención y gestión de residuos y adaptación. Conoce más aquí

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Es una distinción que conceden estos organismos a los ayuntamientos de las ciudades que tengan en cuenta las necesidades y los derechos de los niños y niñas en la toma de decisiones y en la implementación de sus políticas. Mediante esta iniciativa  se busca incentivar a los pueblos y ciudades de España a integrar en las agendas políticas, las necesidades, derechos y en general, las voces y sentires de niños y niñas, como parte de un compromiso global de poner en valor la aplicación real de la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño. Esta acreditación se otorga cada dos años y tiene una revisión cada 4 años. Más allá de obtener un título, la intención del presente gobierno de Talavera, es un compromiso para que las voces de los niños y niñas de nuestra ciudad sean tenidas en cuenta a través de la creación de políticas activas a favor de la infancia. Ciudades amigas de la Infancia y la candidatura de Talavera de la Reina, constituye una apuesta en firme por el futuro, ese mismo que sembramos hoy garantizando los derechos de nuestros niños y niñas, teniendo como horizonte la creación de oportunidades, la excelencia educativa y la participación ciudadana. Más información aquí

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